Davis Run Nubians
Hendersonville, Tennessee

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Some of the girls. November 2009

Our 12 month old Anatolian shepherd, Bruneo, taking a nap after a long night of guarding the girls.

Some of the herd taking in the beautiful March sun.

Some of Our 2012 Yearlings

Davis and Lovely's twins

Connie's triplet does at one day old




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Kastdemur's Dairy Goats

Wingwood Farm

Lynn Haven Dairy Goats

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Hoosier Fitters
1st place 2012 ADGA National
Fitting Team

Wingwood Farm TC Ariel
6th place 2012 ADGA Nationals

Goats Milk Soap...

Chev're Cheese with chives, roasted garlic and herbs

 Davis and Connie's Doe's

Davis Carr & crew...

My name is Davis Carr and these are my goats.   I started with the Nubian goats in the beginning of 2009.   My Mom and I have always loved the Nubian goats and she has helped me to start a herd.  It started as my sae project for my ag class but now I know they will be my life long passion.  Our herd are all registered with the American Dairy Goat Association.  We are 20 miles north of Nashville, TN.  Our goal is to breed show quality animals with high milk production.  Our main breeding bloodlines are Kastdemur, Willow Run, Wingwood Farm, Lakeshore Farms, Hoanbu and Cam's-Menagerie.

We hand milk and machine milk depending on the numbers. We make Chevíre,  Ricotta and Mozzarella which we soak in olive oil and spices.  Everyone loves it and of course we drink the milk which is the Best!!!!   We are going to start making soap this fall and that should be fun.  I got to show a little last year and met a lot of really nice people.  This year I have been showing my own goats and doing pretty good.  The kids we had were all so beautiful and I got to help deliver some of them.  I don't know what part of owning a Nubian goat I love the most.  I hope you really enjoy looking at my goats as much as I do. Please check back for my updates on whatís happening and Thank You for your interest in my goats.

Our Property and Herd have never had a case of CL.  Our goats are CAE tested Twice Yearly with Vet Drawn Blood sent to Bio-Tracking for the cELISA test.  Our last Negative Test was February 13, 2014.

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